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Prioritizing Mental Health for Adolescent Girls

by Christina Mallie

The difficult circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic have led to increased attention on mental health.  While this has been an experience no one anticipated or wanted, the silver lining may be that organizations that work with

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From Guatemala to the US Midwest: Connecting Indigenous Women and Girls to Each Other to Build Long-Lasting Change

Native American and Mayan Indigenous girl mentors come together in dialogue to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and Guatemala in their first ever virtual exchange.

by Gabriela Lehnhoff

On Tuesday January 19, 2021, the Indigenous Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment Network

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“And still they persist..” – 8-PART SERIES on Community Protection and Revitalization from the Front Lines of Covid-19 Response

by Sophie Soares

2020 has proven to be an unexpectedly dynamic year as we face the Covid-19 crisis head-on. Amidst the pandemic, practitioners and advocates are finding innovative ways to build and sustain social cohesion, among girls and their communities,

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Girl-Led Solutions and Adaptations to Programs in the Time of COVID-19 in Bangladesh (Part 1, Covid-19 Response Series)

by Sigma Ainul, Senior Program Officer, Population Council Bangladesh, and Sajeda Amin, SeniorAssociate, Population Council HQ

In Bangladesh, the Covid-19 pandemic entailed nationwide lockdown coupled with school closures, social distancing and economic slowdown; as a result, avenues

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The Swift Adaptation to Covid-19 by Girl Move Academy in Mozambique (Part 2, Covid-19 Response Series)

by the Girl MOVE Academy Team

No matter how much an organization prepares for unlikely events, there will always be unpredictable situations that force us to adapt and grow as quickly as ever before! At Girl MOVE, the global

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